Search Alias Anomalies AKA Screwed Up eBay Search

The word is spreading near and far how mucked up eBay (Cassini) search is. Combine the already hosed up eBay search with eBay Motors Parts Compatibility and what a mess it is!

From this eBay Motors discussion:

Search Anomalies in eBay Motors
Mar 28, 2013 12:22 PM

We have been on eBay for a while now. And recently have experienced a decrease in traffic and sales. We have been endlessly attempting to keep ourselves comparative and also ensuring we list new products daily. However, today I discovered something quite strange which when reported to ebay support was told it was an expected behavior. If we perform this search:

05 stratus steering rack pinion

We receive a total of 31 active listings. Within this result-set our listings that match 05 stratus whose compatibility chart includes 05 stratus is no returned. However, If we perform the search as:

2005 stratus steering rack pinion

78 Active listings are returned and now within this result-set our listing is returned.

eBay believes this is an expected behavior. But, I don’t believe so. 05 and 2005 in terms of auto-parts and vehicles are the same thing. eBay said we needed to include the 05 in the title for the product to be returned with the first search term, however, parts such as these (Rack and Pinions) can fit up to 15+ vehicles whose years may vary significantly. This does not make sense from our point of view.

The only solution that can be adopted is to explode a single listing into individual ones. So if we want to ensure all products are returned, we would need 15+ listings, not just one for that part that is compatible with 15+ vehicles of varying year. Additionally, with only 80 characters available, we’d also need to separate a single listing further into 2 (if, for example, the part covers over 15 years it is compatible for that specific vehilce/model).

I submitted the report to eBay so that hopefully the business can change the behavior. Again, 05 and 2005 should not be treated as a different thing when it comes to vehicle parts (within eBay motors as a whole). Please think of this and please extend your support.


It’s common knowledge in the car business that an 2005 Honda is referred to as an 05. Folks just shorten the year for simplicity. Guess the eBay Geneses that programed parts compatibility are not experienced in the car business. And with “late model” auto parts a 1905 shouldn’t exist in any parts compatibility search category. Anyone with any BRAINS would “Alias 05 with 2005” and so on.

Another example. A friend searched eBay for “MS FrontPage 2003” and was given 3 results.

eBay Search Results for MS FrontPage 2003
eBay Search Results for MS FrontPage 2003

He searched again for “Microsoft FrontPage 2003” and that time was served up 99 listings.

eBay Search Results for Microsoft FrontPage 2003
eBay Search Results for Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Now anyone with any kind of basic education knows that MS stands Microsoft. Aliasing MS with Microsoft along with computer / software rules “Should” produce the same results, or at least close. There is a huge 96 listings lost in eBay cyberspace. That ‘s really Mucked Up!

But getting back to eBay Motors Parts Compatibility. After i finished my eBay core FrontPage search test i wanted to go to eBay Motors to do a parts compatibility test. Well wouldn’t you know the bozos took the Motors tab off the core header. Duuuuu! So rather than fumble around trying to find it in eBay’s category mambo-jumbo, i just typed in and got there easily enough.

A search for a Transmission Speed Sensor for my old Chrysler LePiece Of Crap returned 298 active listings. BUT if you didn’t know what the correct part was by it’s photo, you would be lost in the jungle. And even if you picked the correct image, there is no guarantee that’s what you will receive.

eBay Motors Parts Compatibility Not So Compatible Search Results
eBay Motors Parts Compatibility Not So Compatible Search Results

But i find it interesting that several so called “experts” on the eBay Motors forum are trying to confuse the OP with what looks like paid shill type of postings. Is it necessary to post 5 messages in a row to get your point across?

Search Anomalies in eBay Motors Parts Compatibility Are Not So Compatible eBay Motors Forum Discussion
Search Anomalies in eBay Motors Parts Compatibility Are Not So Compatible eBay Motors Forum Discussion

What’s your thoughts about eBay Cassini Search? And eBay Motors parts compatibility?

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