Is The eBay Motors Community Forum Needed

eBay Motors forum was once very popular. The combined knowledge of all the forum participants in their respective automotive fields, could never be found anywhere else in the world. It was a success story within itself.

This forum was a regular hangout where folks greeted each other daily. eBay members with vehicle related questions got the advice they needed. And many newbie forum participants became full time participants, and the tiny forum grew and grew and grew.

But that was then ~ And this is now. Just like eBay Motors website itself the forum that once complimented the site has pretty much faded into oblivion. Most of the topics we see are from people trying to confirm scam listings are legitimate, or have complaints about eBay Motors.

In this forum post board regular Black*Max said this: “Seems to be only 5 regulars and not much advice. The knuckle walkers and the 19 year old programmers could any day now just say “Lets just turn it off.”

eBay with Lithium moderators help ran most of their best participants off the forum. Today there’s not much left of Pierre’s trust and community values! ūüôĀ

On page 3 of this discussion one of the forum old timers (mopared) posted this statement:

Actually, I can’t claim to be a “lurker” here these days (or since I stopped coming here, for that matter). In fact, this morning was the first time in recent memory I actually logged in and perused the subjects. This whole new format **bleep** they’ve come up with is all new to me as a result. Strange looking joint for sure.

Well, speaking purely for myself of course, I can only reiterate why I chose (after many years) to stop spending time on this forum.¬†Those of you around when I left read all this already, of course – I made no bones about what my issues were here.¬†Suffice to say, regardless of all the incredibly ignorant moves mother ‘bay has made, it wasn’t them that “ran me off”, however – heck, I’d put up my pink slap totals against anyone past or present, yet I’d still come back after my forced recesses.

No, that wasn’t it at all – in fact, we’d fuss and whine about such changes, then go about figuring out how to work with them and help the folks who came in asking the same questions.

So what DID happen? Ok, here goes…¬†In the old school days, we had the bunch of Phil (Dog – RIP), Tom (Skizzy), Jim (2*many*cars – RIP), Tommy (purple turtle), Cyn (Salez), RS, Doc, Rip I & II, Dom, Nos, Granparkie, Jamaica, Weld-once, Cool Boy, Glassinstall ….well, I could go on and on and I’m forgetting a lot of folks, so apologies in advance. You all originals know who you are.

Experts in their particular fields all over the place, from buying and selling to the rules of engagement on EBM to shipping to just plain old gearheads like me – we’d all pop in first thing, say good morning to each other, share what was happening in our lives, give each other a hard time about this or that, etc. Kinda reminded me of the typical corner coffee shop where everyone knew one another.

Strangers would wander in and ask questions each day. Some were downright ignorant, some were quite educational, some were just griping, but they ALL got the “serious” answers first – the group tried to first HELP each OP.¬†Now, according to what the OPs responses were to the original offerings of help, that was where the thread went from there – smartarses got the royal prankster treatment, the gracious ones that thanked whoever for the help were welcomed to stay and hang with us, the ones that needed further clarification got it, the ones that showed they “got” our warped sense of humors were welcomed with open arms, etc.

We gave what we got, in other words Рbut we always tried to help folks at least the first time. I was welcomed into the group in that vein РI came in one day asking some inane question, was helped, was thankful and decided to hang around РI dug the vibe the group had and loved the banter and was welcomed into the group and wound up making several lifelong friends as a result.

Yes, we’ve lost some dear souls along the way, too. Painful, painful stuff, that. I’ve had more than my share of that in recent years, both friends and family. God, I still miss the early morning talks I had with Jim (who had cancer but never said a word about it – his wife had to tell me) and the late-night phone calls with Phil, who had me crying in commiseration as his pain got worse and worse.¬†These guys were salt of the earth types – they were more concerned with you than with themselves…sorry, I digress here.

Point is, this board was a magnet in those days for people who not only knew what they were doing professionally but were by nature wired to be helpful and sharing of said expertise – and they had to have that certain gentle humor about them in order to hang here.¬†I was a better person for having had them welcome me into the fold, that’s for sure.

Well, we started getting some new regulars in who weren’t quite cut of the same cloth… Folks whose motivations were more of the attention-hoarding bent, folks whose humor was always tinged with some meannesss, folks who would basically start off their first posts to each new OP with barbs and insults rather than earnest attempts to help them first. It became a friggin smartarse contest from the get-go. New posts from new OPs were received as fresh chum in the water; OPs got incorrect information often just because some ego-driven “regular” just HAD to be the first to reply, even if they had no clue as to what they were answering.

These new folks were all about themselves, their getting attention. They didn’t have a problem thumping their chests about their connections to ‘bay office folks and weren’t afraid to get posts from folks who called them on their lack of humility removed.¬†Multiple posts about nothing other than “look at me” topics abounded.¬†All the negativity. Man. Wore me out. The board was poisoned by self-aggrandizing blowhards, simply put.

I fought it for a while, but as other old-timers just quietly checked out rather than stay and fight, I finally decided it was time for me to do the same. It just wasn’t worth the effort anymore.¬†The good times over, the comeraderie broken, the good-natured helpful nature of the board shot (and my own turn to get cancer – twice in the same year), it was my turn to say goodbye.

Well, there it is. As JR says, some of us still stay in touch with each other via other means (facebook, judi’s forum, messenger, etc.)¬†but it is what it is – and I don’t come here anymore. **bleep** shame – just a shame what it’s turned into – but the real shame is those who did the destruction still sit on it, claiming it as their own, lamenting how it’s gone bad and will never understand their part in it.

That said, I’ll take my leave again. Y’all be safe.

And that my friends is a powerful and truthful statement. But the question remains, Is the eBay Board Needed? No not really. eBay has pretty much killed this once top automobile buying and selling venue.

This piggy is done ~ stick a fork in it! ūüė•

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  1. Anthony C. Grove

    I think that eBay sucks the wanger.

    1. Doc

      That’s the general consensus going around. Just like Doc says, eBay Motors Sucks!

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