eBay Suspends DocsQualityCars Account As Fraud Runs Rampart

eBay Unjustly Suspended Docs Quality Cars Sellers Account along with a couple of board posting ID’s in January 2006. So in late 2010 he decided to register another account to buy a few small items.

eBay MC999 Suspension
eBay to Doc – Here’s Your MC999 Suspension

Naturally Doc was attracted to the Motors Forum and was chit chatting with the regulars he was friends with.

Unfortunately for Doc he couldn’t resist helping out prospective buyers who were asking for advice about a car for sale.

As usual suspected phishing scams were running right under their nose. And they couldn’t have Doc telling their prospective buyers a listing they were interested in was screaming out SCAM all over it!

Then one morning he received that MC999 eBay Suspension email. eBay accused Doc of being a scammer, and said they need to protect the community from him. They wouldn’t know a scammer if one bit em in the azz! 😆 🙄 😆

It’s eBay’s loss – not Doc’s. The next time someone needs advice on a bad vehicle transaction. Or needs advice buying a car out of state and has title questions. Or just some lively conversation on your forum it won’t be Doc!

Helpful eBay Forum Member Suspended
Doc helped this eBay member after receiving fax of salvage vehicles title. He was later suspended (NARU) for his efforts.

If eBay spent as much time purging their venue of scams and fraud. Patching needed security vulnerabilities, etc. As they do attempting to terrorize and silence naysayers, their marketplace would be a better site to do business on.

Their suspected playbook of dirty deeds includes: Using social media shills and sockpuppets to discredit negative blog and forum postings. Thumbing down YouTube videos and comments resulting in act suspensions. Flagging critics and vloggers YouTube channels. Reporting valid search links that make the corporation look bad ‘as spam’ to get them deindexed. DDOS attacks on eBay Negative blogs and forums. Among other dirty deeds they waste time and investors money doing.

Update 11/29/18: It appears YouTube has suspended the Cappnonymous channel. The below 5 videos Doc linked to are gone. Cappnonymous had great talent digging up and exposing eBay dirty laundry. 😆 Haven’t heard from him since 2014. Guess I’m the only one left. Firemeg has been gone a long time, among others whose names i can’t remember.

Meanwhile Scammers Are Hijacking Top Rated Sellers (TRS) Accounts and listing fraudulent auctions and buy-now listings defrauding consumers. We wonder how they are accomplishing that? Looks like eBay’s Drafty Back Door is Still Leaking!

eBay and Security.. That’s a BIG OLE 😆 🙄 😆

eBay Suspension (NARU) Email Notification MC999
eBay Suspension (NARU) Email Notification. eBay Security Concerns.. That’s A Big Ole LOL!!

Meanwhile speaking of eBay Security Concerns.. 🙄

Here is most likely another NEW eBay LOW PROFILE  Second Chance Offer Scam!

This Smells Like Another LOW PROFILE eBay Motors Second Chance Offer Scam!
This Smells Like Another LOW PROFILE eBay Motors Second Chance Offer Scam In The Making!

Doc published this article about an auction where a seller offered this 1954 Jaguar XK-120 Roadster at auction. The seller was ignoring prospective buyers questions just letting the auction run.

The twist with this scam is. The fraudulent seller lists a sucker bait car with a few photos and a very limited description. The fraudster hopes potential bidders will send emails asking for more details, photos, etc. But does not return any of those emails until after the listing has ended.

The whole idea here is to let the listing run it’s full duration. Then send out scam second chance offers using eBay’s legitimate Second Chance Offer feature. If the scammer tried to pull the scam while the listing was running, someone would surly report it to eBay and they would eventually pull the listing!

Doc used to warn prospective buyers that had questions like the above in the Motors Forum. But they decided to Shoot The Messenger! 😥

You see, its really this simple. eBay wants you to Think Your Safe shopping on their venue. Moderators quickly remove forum messages from members warning of scams. Lithium moderators have been on a major discussion censorship campaign. They are removing posts and suspending members who were discussing the fraud on eBay.

But Wait.. Just Like Those TV Infomercials – Here’s More! 🙄

eBay Infected With Malware according to Google’s Safe Browsing Tool. Google Officially Recognizes that XSS Cross Scripting Flaw that’s been around since the early days.

Google eBay Inc Safe Browsing Details | Malicious Software Includes 74 Scripting Exploit(s), 3 Trojan(s).
Google eBay Inc Safe Browsing Details | Malicious Software Includes 74 Scripting Exploit(s), 3 Trojan(s).

Whatever happened to the good old days when successful businesses were trustworthy, and a sellers word was their bond? These days it seems all that matters are profits. Internet customer service is mostly non-existent on large companies online. It’s a PITA searching through endless help files that run us around like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Google with all the profits their making could afford a call center. But nope that costs money! The the above mentioned Cappnonymous YouTube channel exposed eBay dirty laundry and now it’s gone. Nothing but big tech coverup and the hell with us! 😡

11 Thoughts to “eBay Suspends DocsQualityCars Account As Fraud Runs Rampart”

  1. Doc

    Hahahahaha.. eBay tracking click throughs on this page..

    eBay INC – The Birthplace Of INTERNET FRAUD!

    Their Ears Must Be Burning!

  2. Jeffrey Wolf

    Everyone here who is not currently a member of the Facebook group Former eBay Sellers is invited to come join the group. We are located at http://www.facebook.com/groups/formerebaysellers. You are also welcome to sign the petition I have created that is designed to bring the injustices of eBay into the eye of the world’s people by way of mainstream media. The petition is located at https://www.change.org/p/all-major-news-organizations-air-a-nationally-televised-segment-on-the-injustices-of-ebay. Please feel free to share both of these addresses, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

    1. Doc

      Thanks for your comment. Have you seen that eBay trs that’s running an offshore cyberbullying website attacking eBay critics? It’s seller HubcapJoes.

      I will check your group out.

  3. eBay will suspend any member. It doesn’t matter if you are a 5 or 10 year member.


    1. Doc

      Seems everyone is selling get back on eBay services. The place is such a pay toilet it’s not worth the effort to even buy there. Amazon.com is the place to go!

  4. Robert Bass

    Yes ebay is seeding and controlling the discussions.

    Here are TWO YouTube videos on the subject.

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rO8KkBAFSk
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7Di4kTUPQo

    Just who is that John Bodine character anyway?

  5. Well Doc, ebay just wants to keep everyone sealed off in their own little fake sense of security, using ebay’s completely fake ecosystem which they’ve bragged about & admitted to ‘seeding’.

    I guess warning people about scams and other little things like fake VPP sites or curbstoned titles makes you a ‘security risk’.

    Day by more and more people are seeing that things at ebay are ‘significantly not as described’.

    1. Doc

      Yep.. I should write a book about my eBay forums experiences.

    2. Doc

      EBay’s sure sanitizing there forums. A topic about using escrow for expensive collector cars went poof!

      It was real good info about the pitfalls of using escrow that I blogged it a few months back. Checked my posts forum link a week ago and it was still there.

  6. Ebay will place the blame upon you if you get scammed or infected on their site. Other sites don’t have these types of troubles, so shop safe: Avoid ebaY and Paypal at all costs.

    My snitches in San Jose tell me they’ve jokingly changed a part of ebaY’s site name to “Want it Hacked?” LoL

    By the way I see that paypal is finally staring to get some much needed recognition from OccupyWallstreet.


    1. Doc

      Did you see Ina Steiner actually did a negatave post about PayPal?

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