eBay NOS OEM Parts Seller MC004 Ended Item Blues

AC NOS Not Vented Gas Cap

We start out today with a topic about an eBay Motors parts seller that offers OEM Collector Car Parts for sale on eBay This seller just had TWO auctions ended because the listing title had “NOT VENTED” (as in the style of gas cap it was) in the title. Once again here is more living proof that eBay knows absolutely NOTHING about the Car Business!…

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Need Parts For Your Vintage Car? Go To H.A.M.B.

Classic car parts from the h.a.m.b. JalopyJournal.com

Another forum topic that was eBay negative. Geez.. Imagine that.. 😎 But anyway.. This post on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board got some real negative response. The Hamb is a great place to sell Hot Rod Goodies !!!!! I listed the same item I had on Ebay which brought 65 lookers no sale in a week,Same item on the other site brought 400 lookers in 4 days and…

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eBay My Vehicles System How NOT To Find Car Parts

eBay Motors

eBay wastes Big Money on a full page ad in Hot Rod Magazine (print publication) But errors on site url telling consumers page not found. According to this eBay Motors discussion board poster. Spend who knows how many mega bucks on print advertising, only to have the motors URL on the full color Hot Rod Magazine page bumbled. ebay.com/mtr/garage Actually the URL itself was not…

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